Antora Bridalwear - Handmade dresses, accessories & alterations, Wymondham, Norfolk.

Have you ever looked at a beautiful dress on a tiny waisted, leggy supermodel, in a magazine, or on a mannequin, and wondered what it would look like on you....?

Although some are incredibly fortunate, others of us don't have the model like figure, for this reason we use friends and family of Antora Bridalwear in our photoshoots, real girls, no editing out a few extra pounds gained from christmas, just everyday, curvy, well fed girls!

"We are pleased to say that we only use responsibly sourced, well fed, happy models in all our photoshoots...."

A big thank you to the lovely Wendy & Phil from for our beautiful photographs, and the family and friends of Antora for being stunning models....
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